Programming & Data Science

  • Data concept, collection, mining
  • User Interface
  • Evaluation Feedback Loops (Devops)
  • First to arrive by Incremental Prototyping
  • Big Data, Smart Data
  • Map, Reduce and Augment multi-dimensionally
Gearing strategy, technology & design.

* daily crafts *

Server Backend Programming

Client Frontend Coding

  • Instant Web Apps on-the-fly
  • Native custom solutions, no 3rd party rapes
  • Reliable tools with fire-and-forget
  • No bogging: First know, then concept or document. Or both.
  • Agility, sprints, owners, milestones, work packages or whatever is needed. Reduce overhead, result-oriented work.
  • concept - design - programming

  • GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)
  • challenge for programmers, marketers
  • a really great thing for all EU citizens
  • also: "compliance"
  • also: trustworthiness

compiled blueprints, prototypes and reference implementations

  • Cookie Consent
  • record of processing activities (Verarbeitungsverzeichnis)
  • data processing agreement (Auftragsverarbeitungsvertrag)
  • privacy policy/privacy notice (Datenschutzbestimmungen/Datenschutzerkl√§rung)


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