Marketing Strategy & Implementation


  • from a Marketer's Point of View
  • from a Designer's Point of View
  • from a Programmer's Point of View
  • 6P, 8P,...

Campaigns, Business Models, Canvas, Cycles, Oceans, SWOTs, Targets, Life Cycle Thinking, Innovation

  • sustainable performance
  • brand precede sales
  • measure the relevant
  • data informed/data driven
  • ideas overtrump more of the same
  • disrupt beyond competition
  • change the game
  • win ambassadors
  • scrutinize programmatic/retargeting
  • Content is king?
  • Medium is the massage?

Listen and understand

Gearing strategy, technology & design.

Masterclass: David Axelrod & Karl Rove (Barack Obama, George W. Bush)

Masterclass: Bob Iger (Disney)

Masterclass: Chris Voss (FBI)



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